Gene Klein

Gene Klein was born in Berehovo, Czechoslovakia, in 1928. In the spring of 1944, at the age of 16, he was deported with his family to Auschwitz. He spent a year in Nazi concentration camps. At 85, Gene is energetic and speaks frequently to audiences, telling his remarkable story of survival.

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The Book

"Then we went into the showers, and we were the lucky ones. We got the water. Millions of others got the gas, but we knew nothing about that then."

We Got the Water is Jill's account of her family's path through Auschwitz. It tells the remarkable story of how four out of five members of a nuclear family --Jill's father, his two sisters, and their mother -- survived the holocaust. It is also a tribute to Jill's grandfather, Herman, who died in the gas chambers.



Building from Gene's Holocaust experiences, he and his daughter Jill teach sessions to business leaders on resilience. Jill holds a Ph.D. in social psychology and is a Professor at Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne, Australia.